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London IT-Startup

There's a special place in Kyla Bidgood’s heart for startup offices. Their spaces need to foster innovation and growth, be fully functional but equally fun.  Their interiors are usually a far cry from sterile corporate offices, and thus require a strong dose of creativity to come up with affordable out of the box concepts. They are truly one of my favorite types of projects to work on. Which brings us to our latest completed office project. Remember these initial concepts? And this Design Developement Package Well finally, we have finished photos of one of our most exciting projects to date; welcome to the office of New Bamboo.

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A start up based in London UK but servicing customers globally, New Bamboo supports a staff of talented developers and engineers living and working in one of the greatest cities in the world. There was no question their space had to be robustly inspiring and conducive to building a high performance product. They are an incredibly bright, tight knit group who needed space to come together as well as areas to focus. Hard work and fun play equally important parts of their culture, and their space needed to reflect this unique balance.

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Given they spend their day creative problem solving, it seemed fitting the work of Charles & Ray Eames would have a strong influence on this project. Their shared values of process, development, and play can be seen in the simple geometries, bold color pallet, basic materials and furnishings with a retro mid-century vibe. To help communicate this theme we collaborated with Sarah McNeill of Carte Studioto create the instruction manual-like graphics, incorporating meaningful lines of proprietary code written by the engineers themselves. This repetitive geometry theme is carried throughout, in the carpet tile installations, 3D wood block break room wall and interlocking bamboo feature in the open office.

Photos by Aidan Hornsby