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Copenhagen Fashion Agency

Helle Flou designed the Interiors of KiCK (Copenhagen International Centre for Creativity) in the old Hansen Mansion in Copenhagen, where Danish Fashion & Textile and Kopenhagen Fur are based on 1560 m² . The two companies have decided to move in together to start an innovation centre and the new collaboration will strengthen Danish fashion and generate growth through creativity. Danish Fashion & Textile is a trade association that provides assistance to businesses in the Danish fashion and textile industry. Danish Fashion & Textile has 25 employees in two offices located in Herning and Copenhagen. Approximately 350 fashion and textile companies in Denmark are members of Danish Fashion & Textile.

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In order to give the building a common identity and a connection between the floors, an overall joint concept has been developed. The concept indicates a direction and theme that acts as a benchmark for the interior design. The concept will help to manage the process so that the correct decisions are taken along the way. The ’Nordic Diamond’ theme emerged in connection with the analysis of DM&T and Kopenhagen Fur, respectively. The architects were dealing with 2 companies, both of which are strong brands on the Danish market. They each represent their own large networks and both are synonymous with craftsmanship, quality and unique products.

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Helle Flou took inspiration from the Nordic nature, in which there is something deeply rooted with a special Scandinavian light and sense of history, atmosphere and experience, but also from the durable yet extremely elegant diamond. Its beautiful facets create both strict order and transparency at one and the same time. The two elements will, in their unity, establish the guidelines for a well-considered and harmonious building.

The interior design and style at Danish Fashion & Textile are based on minimalistic Danish design with soul! The focus is on clean lines, tone-on-tone colour combinations with individual dashes of colour. High quality and timeless decor are musts, but the interiors must also provide inspiration. Danish Fashion & Textile is located on the ground floor of the Hansen Mansion.

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The interior design originally consisted of a very large open room with 2 smaller rooms. The challenge here was to provide DM&T’s employees with closed offices to prevent noise and disturbances during the course of the working day. The new interior design features ’room within a room’ solutions with custom-built dividers for all of the desks. The height of the walls is tailored to allow employees to work in peace and quiet while also staying in visual touch with the rest of the room. Within the dividers, the idea is to ensure that the colours match one another tone-on-tone.In addition, space has been created for: cloakroom, printing station, lounge area, trend / library, 11 work areas – including 4 in a closed office environment and 1 large meeting room suitable for 10 people.